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Gaited Clinician & Instructor Julie Dillon

Julie is a certified instructor with both TWHBEA and CHA and specializes in adult learners. She is passionate about teaching and has traveled around the country as a clinician and lecturer giving lessons and furthering her own education. Trail riding is the reason most of us saddle up and the basics of maintaining your gaited horse’s smooth way of going are the focus of her Trail Clinics. She has spent many years in the saddle and loves to share her knowledge of the gaited breeds as well as her passion for adventure on the trail. New to horses or just new to Gaited Breeds, Julie will help you attain your dreams and goals for you and your horse!

  • Horseback Riding Instruction
  • Dedicated to the Goal-Oriented Adult Learner
  • Comprehensive program - Relaxed atmosphere
  • Challenging yet supportive lessons
  • Your Dreams Into Goals and Goals into Reality
  • Trail, Show and Dressage

Outline of Vision Statement :

  • To provide a place of Educational Retreat into the world of Horses and Horsemanship
  • To create a sanctuary of self discovery and comfort while learning to confidently care, ride and enjoy the company of Horses.
  • To grant adults a place to discover, remember and/or recapture their equestrian dreams.